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Come jam with us for an unforgettable and lively session of learning, coaching, and performing bluegrass all in one whirlwind afternoon!

It’s time to join a band at the CCM Bluegrass Band Scramble.

Reserve your spot with two easy steps:

  1. Please pay in advance ($35). Yeah, we know you’ll understand that we have to cover our costs.
  2. Complete the short registration form in advance. Tell us your name, contact information, and instrument for placement.

To create well-formed bands, individuals sign up for the Scramble and are paired with other musicians by picking names out of a hat, one for each instrument. Bandmates then have over two hours to practice and prepare songs and stage patter for a three-song turn performing for a live audience, with a professional sound system and engineer.

Meet and perform with other musicians who love bluegrass!
There’s no competition, only an incredible learning and skill-building experience. Invite your friends and family for the live concert at 4:00 pm that’s free and open to the public.