The Jam’n events are on temporary hiatus.  For excellent jamming, please visit the JamVember website

The rest of this page describes the Jamn weekend in the past.  

The Fall Jam’n Weekend will be dedicated to bluegrass!

All jammers welcome at any level, from beginner to advanced. You can pick around the clock within the beautiful historic spaces of the Colonial Inn.The Jam’n Weekend will begin Friday at 5 pm with 24-hour jamming through Sunday at 1 pm.

There will also be workshops in banjo, fiddle, mandolin, singing, etc. for different levels and instructor-led Directed Slow Jams for beginners.

If you are staying at the Colonial for one night, Jam’n registration is half-price for one person per room; a two night stay gets you one free ticket per room. Once again the BBU will have a list of hotel guests and will have your wristband at the registration table (downstairs in the Heritage Room). If you have already reserved a room and purchased a registration, you will receive a refund at the registration table.

Walk-in are welcome, but on-line tickets will be going off sale on Thursday evening, so make sure you log on soon.


More information 

Jam’n Weekend Policies

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

Jam with the Teachers

This year workshop teachers will be leading Slow Jams (for beginners) and/or Open Jams (for all levels); read the schedule carefully to find the correct jam. All instruments are invited to these jams, and  you can attend even if you didn’t attend the workshop or don’t play the teacher’s instrument.

Slow Jams and Workshops

Directed and Undirected Slow Jams are for beginning pickers or those who just like to take it slow. Workshops are for all levels (beginner through advanced) unless otherwise noted.

Jam’n Map


Thanks again for joining us for Jam’n Weekend. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know as soon as possible!

As a reminder:

1. The entire Cottage, both the upstairs and downstairs, will be dedicated to 24-hour open jamming from Friday at 6 pm until Sunday at 1 pm. The Cottage is located out back, across the Colonial’s parking lot, but is NOT the building labeled “COTTAGE”.

2. The registration desk will be located downstairs in the Heritage Room.

Jam’n Weekend Policies

1. Valid wristbands are required for those playing music or attending workshops. Please keep them visible at all times.

2. Unlike Joe Val, we do not have the entire Colonial Inn to ourselves, therefore please be respectful of the Inn and it’s guests.

3. The rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Prescott Wing are designated quiet rooms, and there should be no jamming in them at any time.

4. Parking is located in the Colonial Inn’s lot, in the municipal lot off of Lowell Rd., and on Monument Square (but please note that some meters are restricted to 1 or 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday).

5. Local liquor laws prohibit consumption or presence of personal alcoholic beverages in public spaces. Please note: private alcohol in public places is against Inn policy.

6. Please do not leave litter around, use the trashcans and clean up after yourself.

7. Please keep your instrument cases, bags, coats, etc. with you as you move throughout the Inn. Please don’t leave anything lying around in function rooms because they may be needed for other activities. The BBU is not responsible for any personal items.