Ass Kickin’ Redneck Stringband Music

The sound of the Portland, Oregon’s Foghorn Stringband could have come barreling through the grille-cloth of those big console radios in the living rooms of the 1950’s, when the traditional sounds of rural America were still on the minds of young musicians transferring the old-time music to a distinctively modern age. Their tight instrumental work is reminiscent of early bluegrass, but their powerful approach is whole-heartedly authentic old-time.  While the members of Foghorn Stringband are not strict recreationists in costume; yet neither are they experimentalists of the digital age. Whether it’s on stage in a rock venue, a bluegrass festival, or at a dance in the Grange Hall, they further this great tradition through a profound belief that old-time music, played in a traditional way, is still relevant and very much alive in the 21st century.

Caleb Klauder (Mandolin/Fiddle)  Reeb Willms (Guitar)  Nadine Landry (Bass)  Stephen “Sammy” Lind (Fiddle/Banjo)

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Photo credit: Betse Ellis ©2014