Main Stage Schedule

Friday – Note: the concert starts at 6:00 PM this year!
6:00 PM   Berklee All-Stars: The Ruta Beggars
6:55 PM   Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing
7:50 PM   Mile Twelve
8:50 PM   Jeff Scroggins and Colorado with Jesse Brock
10:00 PM Claire Lynch

10:00 AM  The Reunion Band
10:55 AM  The Kody Norris Show
11:50 AM  Volume Five
12:50 PM  The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys
1:50 PM   The Special Consensus
2:50 PM   Alan Bibey and Grasstowne
3:50 PM   The Kody Norris Show
4:50 PM   The Lonesome Ace Stringband
5:50 PM   Heritage Award: Tom Banyai
6:00 PM   Volume Five
7:00 PM   Heritage Award: Dr. Richard Brown
7:10 PM   The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys
8:20 PM   The Special Consensus
9:30 PM   Balsam Range

10:00 AM  Redwood Hill
11:00 AM  Southern Rail
12:00 PM  Kids’ Academy Performance
12:35 PM  The Price Sisters
1:35 PM    Red Wine
2:45 PM    Alan Bibey and Grasstowne
3:45 PM    The Dan Tyminski Band

Showcase Stage Schedule

6:30 PM    Miners Creek
7:20 PM    The Deborah McDonnell Band
8:10 PM    Blind Crow
9:00 PM    Wide Open Spaces

10:30 AM    Bend In The River
11:15 AM    The Jamblers
12:00 PM    The Chickenshack Bluegrass Band
12:45 PM    The G Rockwell Band
1:30 PM Berklee Roots – Waypoint
2:05 PM Berklee Roots – Tinder Sweethearts
2:40 PM Berklee Roots – Pretty Saro
3:15 PM    The Josie Toney Stringband
4:00 PM    Mark Schatz – The Solo Concert
4:45 PM    Blue Plate Special
5:30 PM    Annabelle’s Revival
6:15 PM    Bourbon Sunset
7:00 PM    Mill Town Rounders
7:45 PM    The Splinters
8:30 PM    Too Blue
9:20 PM    The Bagboys

10:30 AM  The Leafy Greens
11:15 AM  Sweet Petunia
12:00 PM  Buttonwillow
12:45 PM  Stoneface Mountain
1:30 PM    Blue Train
2:15 PM    Noah y Maurizio

The Joe Val Wind-up Hoe-down!

After the Main Stage finishes Sunday evening, the festivities will wind up downstairs… with a Sunday night dance party!  This feature has become a hit in the past couple years.  Here is the schedule of bands:

6:30 PM  Free Dance Lesson with Roger Weiss
7:00 PM  Josie Toney and her Honky Tonk Heroes
8:30 PM The Lonesome Ace Stringband

Come join the fun – The Joe Val Wind-up Hoe-down!