The Hayrollers play a stomp’in, soulful bounce of bluegrass, old-timey-swing-i-fied-country-music pick’in and sing’in.  Hailing from the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires, The Hayrollers are heavily influenced by the Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, Buzz Busby and the golden age of bluegrass and country music.  With its twang and soulful vocals from Virginia native Cowboy Jim Wright and the swingy-stomp from Hunger Mountain Boys Kip Beacco and Matt Downing, The Hayrollers offer unique yet classic interpretations of traditional & original tunes with tight harmonies and spirited picking!

The band features Cowboy Jim Wright/guitar (Bash Bish Bluegrass, Old Croken Stillers), Kip Beacco/mandolin, (The Lucky Five, The Hunger Mountain Boys), Matt Downing/bass (The Lucky Five, The Hunger Mountain Boys, Jim & Jennie and The PineTops), Brad Hutchison/banjo (Jim & Jennie and The PineTops), and Bruno Bruzzese/fiddle (Brooklyn’s Own!).  In addition to the countless roadhouses and honky-tonks, The Hayrollers have performed on such great stages as the Brooklyn Folk Festival, Oldtone Roots, Spring For Sound, the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association and more.

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