Mainline Express plays modern material while preserving the essence of  traditional Bluegrass.  Like a streamliner locomotive, these musicians have unified their talents into a driving style of American music with original and traditional material, building a quality final product.

Jesse Brock and Gary Filgate found equaled passion for their music the day they met in 1989, joining forces in the Stonewall Bluegrass Band.  Years later, Gary brought John Miller and Jesse together at Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival, Brunswick, Maine, circa 2004.  Within hours, the three knew a connection had been made and Mainline Express was conceived.  Soon after Rob Ravlin joined the group and the quartet was complete.

For the past 15 years, Mainline Express has been a group of friends, playing for the pure love of the music.  Once or twice a year, they would meet up for a weekend tour, a sort of friends reunion.  Now, in 2019, the four friends are ready to get on board as a full-time touring band.

Mainline Express is a presentation of Bluegrass music which appeals to all ages.  Under it all, Rob’s solid tone and impeccable timing lays the track for the locomotive to move out of the station, while  Jesse, Gary, and John synchronize to create a groove that is right in the pocket like a well oiled machine.  Add the vocals and harmonies, and the engine is humming, taking us on a ride through the musical landscape of a genuine American art form.

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