Darol Anger & Emy Phelps Holiday Show

//Darol Anger & Emy Phelps Holiday Show
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Darol Anger on his holiday show: “We think that the midwinter season has always been a highly emotional and special time for human beings, and we mean to celebrate in music the many layers of spirituality and celebration that has always happened around this time. Emy’s a genius at finding songs that elevate peoples’ spirits, and her long career working with children has helped her hone her talent. We’ll bring some amazingly talented younger musicians that our audience will love. Our band is not afraid to tap deep emotions, whether they be humor, love, or wassailin’.”

“Emy & I take our job very seriously in any time of year, but especially now. Any serious entertainer needs to consider their role as a healer of some sort. Music has served this very purpose since it began thousands of years ago, and that hasn’t changed, no matter how many notes and chords we add in there. This is the time of year when everything seems to have died and we have to trust that everything will rise again. For most humans, this seems to be a time for reflection, for spiritual questioning and renewal, family, and celebration or mourning of what we have gained and lost throughout the previous year-or years.

“We believe that what people mostly could use right now is to be together in a positive environment which encourages sharing. This year, all Americans have had real setbacks and fractious difficulties and it seems certain that things will get worse next year. Everyone- and I mean everyone- will need spiritual strength for the challenges that are rising. We’re going to support that frame of mind in our concert, with some really beautiful songs from all traditions, and we’re going to encourage a lot of singing along.”

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